Travel Management Club


Travel Management Club(in short, TM Club) is one of the most prestigious organizations in Japan comprised by top management of approximately 142 major travel agents, tour operators, tourism authorities, hotels, tourist attraction providers and other tourism related parties.

It has been greatly influential to more than 95 per cent of the outbound and inbound tours of Japan. Established in 1978, as a study and research group on then US policy of deregulation of airlines industries, TM Club has dedicated and pursued free and active development of travel industries in Japan.

Since then, with having 8 monthly meetings every year, the Club has concentrated on the subjects of management of tour companies and their future issues, which will be its over 385th , which the Club is very much proud of. We also carry out overseas Fam Trip every year.

It is not embellishment for anyone to say that the history of TM Club reflects the history and development of the tourism industries of Japan.

Moreover, TM Club has been highly flexible to changing environment of the industries in Japan as well as in the whole world.

Please be assured that, with hard work and integrity, TM Club will always comply with the changing business and tourism world.

Your kind attention and continued support to TM Club would be much appreciated.